Ways to build a pipeline of digital skills accross your arganiszation


In the contemporary fast-evolving digital landscape, having a strong pipeline of digital skills across your organization is critical for success, whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, equipping employees with the necessary digital skills can enhance productivity innovation, and your organization ahead of the competition. In this article, we will explore strategies and provide examples of how to build a pipeline of digital skills within your organization.

Look for potential, not credentials:

Any given technical talent has a two-year life cycle in the quickly changing digital environment. Therefore, assessing a candidate's potential is crucial when hiring rather than just their credentials. Innovation, adaptability, and a short learning curve are more useful than specialized technological abilities that can soon become obsolete.

Cast a wider net

Consider growing your talent pool if you want to create a strong pipeline for digital talent. Leaders in digital ventures frequently hire people with associate degrees, graduates of vocational or trade schools, people who have served in the military and are returning to the workforce, and people who have taken a break from parenting. This strategy brings in new ideas while also diversifying your staff.

Value soft skills as much as technical ones

Although technical skills are crucial, soft skills are also in great demand. Teamwork (74% of respondents), leadership (70%), and communication (67%) are just a few examples. These abilities are crucial for building a collaborative and creative work atmosphere.

Create flexible learning journeys

To quickly address skill gaps, consider blending in-person and digital learning, as well as group learning. This approach allows employees to learn at their own pace and apply their new skills immediately

Engage young people on technology early on

Educating young people in technology and engineering is key to ensuring a steady flow of tech-savvy workers in the future. Early exposure to technology can spark interest and pave the way for a career in the field



Remember, innovation is driven by humans. People's ideas, know-how, and passion fuel business transformation. Therefore, investing in people and their development is not beneficial-it's essential.

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