AI recruitment platform that connects jobseekers and recruiters

We believe in creating equal access to employment opportunities and placing the right candidates in the right roles. We provide recruitment technology solutions for talent recruiters and jobseekers. 


We make it easier to perform your day to day recruitment tasks

  • Pre-screen candidates remotely 

  • Sift through a large amount of CVs quickly

  • Aggregate your candidates information in one place

  • AI that matches your job specification to candidate's CVs

  • Communicate with many candidates with one click of a button

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Reduce time, effort and costs to place candidates

Are you manually searching through a lot of CVs?


Are you storing data on PCs with too many file folders?

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Are you experiencing high telephone bill for screening candidates?

1. Talent pool cloud storage 

Maintain and nurture your candidates database with our communication tools.

2.  Powerful search tool

Our platform ranks the results according to the most matching candidates.

3.  Personalized communication

Publish jobs via SMS and WhatsApp. Easier response handling of candidates communication. 

4.  Pre-screening Bot

Pre-screen, evaluate and shortlist many candidates remotely.


Finalist in

Women in ICT 


IoT awards & conference

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Are you a Jobseeker?

Reduce job-seeking costs.  

Jobseeker tools

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Register and reduce job search costs

Free secured cloud storage

Matched job notifications - Receive via SMS & WhatsApp

Email CV with limited access to internet - Using SMS & WhatsApp

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Social Impact Project

Costs of looking for jobs is high for jobseekers and there is a digital divide. Our mission is to reduce it by 70%

Jobseekers spend an average of R800 per month on job searching. Our mission is to reduce these costs and provide equal access to job opportunities for all.


CV workshops


Jobseekers touched by our workshops


Jobseekers attended first interviews


About Us

Thabo's Story - Why ejoobi

We met Thabo in 2015, he would travel to the nearest Internet shops in the Semi-rural area every week. Thabo could spend an average of R850 per month to send emails, scan documents, search and apply for jobs.


Thabo is not always on digital platforms/apps to email CVs and connect with employers. Jobseekers like Thabo become discouraged because of the costs of looking for jobs and low visibility of employment opportunities.


To inspire communities through innovation & Technology


To provide inclusive HR technology solutions

Our Core

We believe in creating equal access to opportunities for all, we do that by building inclusive HR platforms.

Company Info

Women owned - 38%

Software team with women - 65%

Combined team experience  >42yrs


We have a team with combined experience in Industrial Automation, IT Sales, Data Science, AI Bots, software development, electronic engineering, People development & career coaching.


Referral Story


“The ejoobi staff members are friendly, treating every individual with love, respect and professionalism. The staff made all the process to look more easier and more enjoyable.”

Yvonne | Jobseeker



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