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Streamline your hiring process with Ejoobi integration software. Connect your existing HR recruitment software and other portals with our Talent acquisition software for seamless data management.

API Enterprise Solutions - We provide API integration to improve your recruitment portal

Enterprise Recruitment Solutions​

We are a team of software developers, with extensive experience in recruitment workflow automation.
API Integration services to existing systems
Build a career portal or recruitment portal.
Robotics Process automation
Mobile Messaging SMS, WhatsApp, USSD & Telegram
Dashboards, Data Analytics & Data visualization

ejoobi integration

Integration services

  • At ejoobi, we offer various integration services to help you connect with candidates and streamline your hiring process.
  • Our SMS, WhatsApp, USSD, and API integration services allow you to communicate with candidates through their preferred channels and improve the candidate experience.


  • API: Our API allows seamless integration with your existing systems and applications.
  • With our robust and well-documented API, you can easily connect your HR software, applicant tracking system, or other tools to our platform.
  • This allows for a streamlined hiring process and improved data management.

Why integrate through ejoobi?

SMS Integration

Our SMS integration allows you to send text messages to candidates directly from our platform.

This is a quick and effective way to communicate with candidates and keep them informed throughout the hiring process and any form of communication

WhatsApp Intergration

Our WhatsApp integration allows you to send messages to candidates through the popular messaging app.

This provides a convenient and familiar way for candidates to communicate with you and receive valuable updates.

USSD Integration

Our USSD integration allows you to connect with candidates through their mobile devices, even if they don’t have internet access.

This is particularly useful for reaching candidates in remote or underserved areas.


AI Matching

We offer a powerful matching tool that helps you find the right candidates for your open positions.

Our advanced algorithms analyze candidate data and match them to your job requirements based on skills, experience, and other relevant criteria.

Build a career portal or recruitment portal!

  • Job board: a website that lists job openings and allows job seekers to search for and apply for jobs.
  • Hiring Manager portal: Manage &Track applicants, Create a Talent pool, and Shortlist candidates.

Dashboards, Data Analytics & Data visualization

a) We provide valuable insights and information to help organizations make informed decisions about their hiring processes. ore easily.

b) We provide Recruitment dashboards with an overview of key recruitment metrics and data, such as the number of job openings, applicants, and the time-to-hire. These dashboards can be customized to display relevant information for a particular organization or role.

c) Our data analytics services can help organizations analyze recruitment data to identify trends and patterns. This can include analyzing data on applicant demographics, job posting performance, and candidate sourcing channels. By analyzing this data, organizations can better understand their recruitment processes and identify areas for improvement.

d) Our data visualization services can help organizations present their recruitment data clearly and visually appealingly. This can involve creating charts, graphs, and other visual representations of recruitment data to help decision-makers understand the information more easily.

Dashboards, Data Analytics & Data visualization

Resume screening:

We support organizations to automatically screen resumes and identify the most qualified candidates based on predefined criteria. To save recruiters time and reduce the risk of human error.


We support organizations to automate candidate communication, such as sending interview invitations and follow-up emails, To ensure that candidates receive timely and consistent communication throughout the hiring process.

Data entry:

We help clients automate data entry tasks, such as entering candidate information into a recruitment database. To save recruiters time and reduce the risk of data entry errors.


We help clients automate the scheduling of interviews and other recruitment-related events. To help ensure efficiencies when scheduling interviews for the candidate and the interviewer.

We provide various services to support recruitment processes to manage bulk tasks and conversations with candidates.​


  • Candidate screening: screen candidates by asking them a series of questions to determine their qualifications and fit for a particular job opening.
  • Candidate communication: Communicate with candidates throughout your recruitment process, and provide them with information about job openings, the status of their application, and the next steps.
  • Interview scheduling: Allow candidates to select a convenient time and date for their interviews.
  • FAQs: Answer frequently asked questions from candidates, providing them with quick and accurate information about the recruitment process.
Mobile Messaging SMS, WhatsApp, USSD Services

We enable organizations to integrate SMS, WhatsApp, and USSD into their career portals or websites. The integration would take into consideration the website communication workflows.

  • Increase your reach of applicants by posting jobs via multiple channels.
  • Two-way communication with applicants
  • Engage candidates with limited access via USSD & SMS
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