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Email CVs with limited access to internet via SMS & WhatsApp

Receive matched job notifications via SMS & WhatsApp


Be visible to recruiters and employers

Reduce job search costs

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Reduce Job Search Costs

Email CVs with limited access to the internet via SMS & WhatsApp.

Keep your profile up to date

Be visible to potential recruiters and employers.

Job Notifications

Receive matched job notifications via SMS & WhatsApp​.

Email CVs with limited access too internet via SMS & WhatsApp

Receive matched job notifications via SMS & WhatsApp


Be visible to recruiters and employers

Reduce job search costs


Sign Up via WhatsApp

Register your profile once as a jobseeker via WhatsApp

In your WhatsApp type Hi to 060 070 2065 wpicon


Register as a job seeker via WhatsApp 060 070 051 2929

In your WhatsApp phone
(Just type Hi) wpicon


Send CVs via SMS

No Internet connection? Email your professional CV via SMS to any employer or job opportunity anytime, anywhere, using any device.
Use the ejoobi shortcode (44151).


Register and add ejoobi short code (44151) to your contacts
Send many job application to employers using mobile device

Register and apply for jobs via SMS

SMS your CV by texting e.g. CV**HR Internship to 44151 SMS is charged at R 1.50.

T's and C's Apply.

Send CVs via WhatsApp

Don’t miss out on job opportunities. Reduce travel costs to the nearest internet shops by using the ejoobi quick WhatsApp service to email your professional CV.

Register and apply jobs via WhatsApp

Increase your chances of getting your dream job by sending many job applications with limited access to the internet via WhatsApp

WhatsApp number 060 070 2065.

WhatsApp data costs apply.

T's and C's Apply.

Create a winning CV

Is your CV up to date? Yes | No.

If No send us a WhatsApp text on 010 285 0834 to request a CV Bot Voucher to create a one-pager CV online or via WhatsApp.


Let us support you in putting together a winning CV in minutes.



(USSD short code)
ejoobi USSD enables you to search for jobs that match your profile.

Coming Soon!



sassico testimonial image

“After months of struggling to find employment, ejoobi came at the right time and provided a graduate program to me. May the recruiters not stop with just me but continue doing the same for everyone looking for any kind of graduate/internship opportunity. Thanks much.”

Nhlanhla Nhlapho

sassico testimonial image

"ejoobi helped me find employment through a learnership. Not only have they made this an easy and rewarding process for me but they have communicated consistently each step of the way so I didn't feel like I was doing it alone. I'm forever grateful for the help."

Gouwwa Begg

sassico testimonial image

“I would like to thank ejoobi for helping me find an internship in a short period of time, May the team continue to help other graduates.”


sassico testimonial image

“Firstly yes indeed I believe that ejoobi played a key role in my career success.The guide that was laid out on the platform when entering the skills set. ejoobi assisted me to discover new ways of expressing myself and demonstrating my skills in interviews and in job applications. ejoobi also provided a form for selling out my skills with potential employers. Thank you ejoobi team.”


sassico testimonial image

“I would like to thank ejoobi for helping me in finding an internship in such a short period of time. The team is always helpful and encouraging me from the start. For that I thank you.”


sassico testimonial image

“The ejoobi staff members are friendly, treating every individual with love, respect and professionalism. The staff made all the process to look more easier and more enjoyable.”



Get the best CV tips

The art of story telling

How to prepare for interviews?

Interview questions you should be prepared to Answer

What to do after an interview?

CV Reviews

How to request for CV reviews?

A CV review will give you professional feedback. The personalized feedback will help you improve your current CV.

    Mock Interviews

    Why should you request for Mock Interviews?

    Participating in mock interviews will assist you to gain experience
    as well as calm your nerves before attending an actual interviews.

      Social Impact Project

      Costs of looking for a job are high for jobseekers and there is a digital divide. Our mission is to reduce it by 70%.

      Jobseekers spend an average of R800 per month on job searching.
      Our mission is to reduce these costs and provide equal access to
      job opportunities for all.

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