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Increase the efficiency of your recruitment process with automation

Making it easy for you to perform your day to day recruitment tasks. Reduce time, effort and costs to place candidates.

Improve your recruitment processes

Talent Pool

Do you have a large number of candidates? Do you want to save the data in a centralized platform?

Match Candidates

Do you always have to sift through a large number of CVs? Does it take you long to match candidates to a job specification?


Are you experiencing high telephone bills for screening candidates?

Talent Acquisition Suite

Are you experiencing challenges tracking your recruitment process?

Hiring managers recruitment solutions


Talent Acquisition

Manage your recruitment cycle from posting jobs, receiving applications, auto-match and ranking applicants to job specifications, two-way communication with applicants, and collaborating with team members on a job(s)


AI Bot Screening​

Use WhatsApp chat bot to screen, evaluate and shortlist many candidates remotely.


AI Matching Tool​

Quickly match CVs with your job specifications.


Talent Pool

Improve time to hire by continuously growing and warming up your talent pool.


Two-way Communications tools​

Publish and share jobs via SMS, WhatsApp an USSD and get easier response handling of candidate's feedback.


Background checks​

Prevent the hiring of dishonest or previously convicted employees which can lead to expensive financial and disreputable, social consequences.

Verifications Checks:​


Social Media screening ​

The Social & Digital Media Screening Report is used to highlight an individual’s potential risk to a company or to help match the individual’s values to a company’s values and culture. 

Pricing - AI Recruitment Platform & Matching Tool Online

Verifications Checks​

Legally verify the records of your applicants via the ejoobi verification checks service to improve the quality of the candidates you hire.​

Recruiter services

AI Matching tool

Score and rank your matched results to get your ideal candidate

AI matching tool enables you to extract information from different types of CVs (e.g images, pdfs, word).

AI-matching on and AI recruitment platform
Save time with on our AI recruitment platform

Screening tool

Use WhatsApp chat bot to shortlist and evaluate many candidates remotely

The chat bot will conduct and manage interactive conversations with your customized screening questionnaire.

Pre-screening tool

Save time and costs to interview candidates

Get additional information about a candidate before you meet them for an actuall interview e.g salary expectation, availability and any other relevant information. Choose the best candidates to invite for an interview based on their responses to the pre-screening questions.

Save time with on our AI recruitment platform

Talent pool tool

Keep your pipeline of candidates engaged via WhatsApp and SMS

Create bucket list of your candidates information and reduce the time it takes to source candidates for your job posts.

Grow a talent pipeline for future job vacancies with the help of ejoobi's AI recruitment platform
2-way communication with ejoobi's AI Recruitment Platform

2-way Communication tools

Publish and share jobs via SMS and WhatsApp

Personalize communication messages to a large number of candidates.

2-way Communication tool

Communicate with candidates through out your hiring process.

Reduce your communication costs with candidates and the amount of time it takes to handle responses from candidates.

2-way communication with ejoobi's AI Recruitment Platform


Get insights of your candidates talent pool with data visualization

Analyze your pipeline in order to formulate and make informed decisions.


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Increase the efficiency of your recruitment process with automation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Improve Your Sourcing Reach

    Go to, click sign up as a recruiter, fill in the form with your details then make sure you update your profile all required information.

    Yes, you can upload credits for your screening, matching and communication.

    Yes, we can request a team to assist, email us at

    With ejoobi, you can publish your jobs on our job portal, on social media, SMS, WhatsApp, and through emails to improve your sourcing reach.

    Yes, we do, you can book at

    Yes, you can invite candidates to register under your profile.

    Yes, you can import or upload your documents i.e PNG, word, and PDF

    Yes we have ID qualifications, (KYC) Know your customer, and Social Media Verifications

    Yes, you can add up to 4 colleagues.

    Our packages are a month-to-month and we have pay-As-You-Use services.

    First, create an account then create a job specification, you will be ready to post a job via your chosen channel

    Yes, when posting the job you can click on the private or public button.

    Yes, you can download the report on the talent acquisition tool in Excel and PDF format.