Hiring trends that will impact your recruitment process.​

Recruitment Trends

The importance of technology trends in recruitment

New innovative trends are being introduced to the hiring process, which change how recruiters find, attract, and hire prospects. As a recruiter, you need new strategies to attract talent because the prospect is now being regarded as a client. Ejoobi has found that HR and recruitment processes have changed significantly with the correct/careful use of technology. An effective HR and recruitment process is the consequence of simplifying and automating more operations. The recruitment trends have introduced a new method of recruiting, hiring, and employee retention, thanks to impact hiring. As a result, it supports employers in overcoming talent difficulties at the entry level of recruitment. A well-defined hiring process is cost-effective and will streamline how you find and qualify candidates. Hiring trends grow and change as the workplace landscape changes. Years ago, paper resumes and in-person applications were commonplace. Today technology has altered many of these old systems and processes.

Analytics for hiring managers

HR is generally adopting analytics at a quick rate, they will continue to be a popular trend that will influence how businesses design their talent acquisition strategies and hire employees. Utilizing analytics throughout the talent acquisition process enables the delivery of data-driven insights and decision-making to identify areas of strength and weakness, as well as to lower the cost of talent acquisition practices, spot issues, process bottlenecks, and swiftly fill open positions. Additionally, talent analytics may demonstrate the value and return on investment of your investments in recruiting tools.

More specifically, analytics can assist in giving recruiters metrics like:

Aggregation, trend detection, visualization, and predictive analytics are now day-to-day features of many recruiting tools, thanks to technological evolution.

Robotic process automation

Artificial Intelligent is an increasingly common technology that automates manual, and repetitive tasks, AI bots can complete a wide range of recruiting duties that would often take many hours. ejoobi AI matching tool empowers hiring managers to score and rank matched results to get ideal candidates by matching a job specification to a candidate’s skill sets.

Ejoobi AI matching tool also enables hiring teams to extract information from different types of CV documents (e.g., images, pdfs, and word). Each document can be quickly handled, and be verified, with the findings uploaded into an applicant tracking system. As a result, hiring managers can save a lot of time and effort by doing this.

Robotic Process Automation is in-demand because it can perform loads of labor-intensive tasks rapidly while also improving and automating the processes involved in hiring new employees. Based on the abilities and potential identified from candidate profiles, resumes, and social media, ejoobi AI recruitment technology integration can source, screen, match, and rank applicants to build a pipeline of quality candidates who are likely to succeed in open and future positions. Using an RPA bot hiring managers can reduce the time it takes for these tedious manual processes from hours or days to just a few minutes.

Artificial intelligence

The application of AI to enhance sourcing methods, identifies, and engage talent is one of the areas of talent acquisition software that is expanding the fastest right now. These include chatbots, job-posting systems, and AI recruitment platforms like ejoobi, ZOHO, Smart Recruiters, and more, the above-mentioned online recruitment platforms help to reduce bias in candidate vetting, recruiting, and selection process.

AI has a proven capacity to execute intelligent tasks like analyzing resumes for abilities, traits, or keywords. When used cooperatively with Robotic Process Automation, AI brings intelligence to high-volume processes, assisting recruiters in reviewing several job boards, reading, and analyzing data.

Recruitment chatbots assist candidates by keeping them interested and providing information about open positions. Natural language processing (NLP) enables businesses to write job advertisements and offer letters that are more accurate, enticing, and devoid of inappropriate wording that can deter some applicants. Additionally, it makes it possible for chatbots to respond to users with accuracy and friendliness. Machine learning provides continual development to AI, meaning that these programs are getting stronger over time.


Never assume that your way of recruitment will be noticeable. But comparing the old and the new way of hiring, we may predict that it will face some difficulties. Thus, you adapt to the most recent hiring trends to overcome the recruitment challenges from the prior year. By increasing productivity and doing away with undesirable hires, these recruiting trends will assist you in streamlining and optimizing your overall hiring process.

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